YourOPED: Who is the most trusted news source these days?

We’ve done a few OPED pieces, where we expressed personal opinions, and now we’re trying something new: presents ‘YourOPED’ Where we pose a question to the audience, open from now on, with only one answer provided (hint: we have to put something or it wont make the poll at all, so the answer provided is just an example of what we’re looking for.)

So here’s the first one: Please enter your favorite and most trusted news source, be it a person, or a company. Name that person that whenever you hear their news you tend to agree, and furthermore tend to believe when they present an event or idea. Nothing is off limits, providing the response is a source of news (i.e. a burrito is not a source of news*).

*to our knowledge, feel free to correct in the comment section.

After you’ve entered your favorite news source, feel free to weigh in on why you chose them in the comment section below, and provide links to convincing videos featuring your nominee.


About MediaWrench

MediaWrench is a grassroots, civilian journalism group that seeks to give a voice to those mainly ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media. Through written and digital medium, we provide a timeline of the events and phenomena that matter the most to you, while also bringing entertainment. We collectively seek to promote social awareness, sustainable living, and a culture of inclusivity worldwide, and we especially invite you to discuss what you've read - We want to hear it!

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