Performing Occupy Toronto

Performing Occupy Toronto,  Written by Rosamund Small Directed by Llyandra Jones

On the one-year anniversary. Where it all began. Witness a historical and relevant theatrical experiment.

October 15th marks the one-year anniversary of the beginning of Occupy Toronto. In conjunction with this historic event, Docket Theatre presents Performing Occupy Toronto, a verbatim theatre piece based on the Occupy Toronto movement. Docket first premiered Rosamund Small’s original play at the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse in June 2012, and is proud to remount this FREE site-specific production in the location where the occupation took place – St James Park.

An hour before the show, come experience Docket’s park-wide, multi-disciplinary carnival of expression! Over 30 young artists from different backgrounds (including spoken word, dance, music, visual art, busking, etc) will share pieces inspired by political and social issues in Toronto over the past year. Artists will explore how Occupy’s call to action has influenced Torontonians over the past year and what the future holds.

Performing Occupy Toronto is a script taken word-for- word from real life interviews at the Occupy Toronto Protest in 2011. It charts the beginning of the occupation at St. James Park, the conflict within the movement, and the eventual eviction. Small’s composition weaves together the events of the occupation with impartiality, respect and humanity, creating a story full of wit, emotional insight and political charge.

Through the evening events, artists will explore how Occupy’s call to action has evolved over the past year



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