Anonymous OTP post via pastebin: Declaration of Unity

We found this piece on Pastebin through a tweet. There are many differences between the Tea Party and the Occupy movements, but what they can all agree upon is that the financial system is dysfunctional, the corporations buy the politicians through donation and what is known as ‘crony capitalism’. It would be great if the two groups could put aside their differences for a moment to agree on this:
Posted by Kris Harrison
Author Unknown

“The left and right have been resolved. We are going to focus on ignoring the mainstream media, because the job they’ve done has been appalling. Instead we will focus on verified and accurate information from independent sources. When in doubt, ask each other. We all have some very hard truths we are going to have to recognize, as we have been being lied to for a very, very long time. We will stand together, as American citizens, regardless of politics, religion, race or creed. A melting pot. That’s what America’s always been best at. It’s time we got that back.

We will have no violence, no bickering and no fighting. We will be peaceful, polite and obey the law, beyond the exciting new ones outlawing the first amendment. We will not rest and we will not stop until the US government once again respects the will of its citizens. We want our country and our planet back.

What can you do? Stop believing your media for a start. Question everything. Listen to each other regardless of your politics. There are dire signs and warnings we all need to be aware of. Share your ideas and stop letting them divide us along stupid party lines. You don’t have to agree on everything, nor will you. But that’s ok. If you don’t agree on a topic, move on to something else. Politely. As we progress we will find more and more issues we agree on, slowly field candidates for office and put pressure on our elected representatives to remind them that they work for *us*, not the other way around. Organize a massive bi-partisan write in campaign. March outside the homes and offices of these people until they finally realize that we will no longer tolerate their greed and lies. Everyone deserves a voice, but we must make sure what’s said is true and accurate. Do not let them divide you any longer. We are all Americans.

Therefor, we, citizens of America, conservatives, liberals, democrats and republicans are proud to stand together. We hereby announce the Occupy Tea Party. We cordially invite all members of both movements to participate, along with any individual concerned about retaining their freedom and the sovergnity of the Bill of Rights. However, we would ask that they do so politely and while conducting themselves with honor, tolerance and integrity. We are not socialists, we are not anarchists, we are not racists, we’re not hippies or rednecks. We are concerned citizens who have had enough of the government we put in power ignoring our voices.

The people, united, will never be defeated. There is no problem this country has that we can not solve, provided we work together.

Expect us.”



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