Editorial: Peter Bromley – Food For Thought

This might be challenging to some to receive, to hear, to accept. It is given with love though. And intended to advance freedom for all – in all of its meanings.
People are attracted to peace. When a movement advocates “peace,” imperatives arise. Especially when some movements offer a vision that transcends the current reality.
Change is scary. But change with open hearts and minds, a warm embrace, authentic dialogue, invitational versus prescriptive, empathic listening versus clever debate, conversations for possibility versus conversations to make wrong…these are capacities which draw people in. That is – in part – walking the talk. Embodying the world you wish to manifest.
As tempting as it might be, as wronged as you have been, as violated as you feel, exclamations peppered with “fucking pigs,” “fucking mainstream media,” “fucking CEOs (or capitalists)” “fucking Harper (or politicians),” repel, scare, violate and threaten others whom we want to include in our vision manifesting. And just as you do not want to be painted with a broad brush (entitled youth, entitled boomers ring a bell?) that brush is unfair to many.
That angry, or vindictive “energy” belies an addiction. An attachment. Freeing ourselves of that energy (or being with it differently) is one of the imperatives of each participant. (Truth is all these groups want something other than what we’ve co-created – deep down – but are unconscious, scared, trapped by a misperceived reality).
By all means express that anger; but let’s lighten our own and their load, illuminate the blindness and extraordinary future so they see again and embrace a new possibility that’s far more enlivening than the one they – and we – are in.
Let’s learn to develop a pre-existing capacity to express ourselves in ways that advances a new relationship among business, government and civil society for the fulfillment of all – including the planet.

Be the change.


About MediaWrench

MediaWrench is a grassroots, civilian journalism group that seeks to give a voice to those mainly ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media. Through written and digital medium, we provide a timeline of the events and phenomena that matter the most to you, while also bringing entertainment. We collectively seek to promote social awareness, sustainable living, and a culture of inclusivity worldwide, and we especially invite you to discuss what you've read - We want to hear it!

One response to “Editorial: Peter Bromley – Food For Thought”

  1. genuinewitty says :

    Beautifully written, and a perfect message for the Occupy movement right now. Thanks for writing this…

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