Editorial – Jared: Occupy the Good Fight…

In the past couple of weeks and especially going into the month of May, a summer of discontent amongst Canadians is beginning to emerge.  When the narrative of the 99% against the 1% went global at the beginning of Occupy, more momentum for activism has brought many issues of social injustice, the environment and financial disparity into the light bringing together many groups to help strengthen the multitude of messages to help our fellow citizens fight for their rights.  The opposition from the 1% to individuals who have taken the initiative to stand up and speak out about these issues is quite clear; Put up or Shut up.

The current government has done nearly everything to keep its political power strong both on the Hill and locally to infiltrate the well-being of everyday Canadians at every turn.  More people are beginning to wake up to the plight of public officials who continue to defy the rule of law and accountability in favor of profits and the furthering of a destructive global agenda .  As our freedoms and rights become further eroded, we, the people, stand to lose much more than we ever thought.  Perhaps one day it might be illegal to speak out, perhaps one day what we do online is not private and perhaps, worst of all, we will continue to see the persistent deterioration of our liberties to the point where we will not be able to recognize our own country.  Many believe that it’s happening right now and that it might be already too late.

I encourage all Canadians to wake up and figure out who is in this fight and help them bring justice to those who have made their illegal business and political practices to the fore and let them know that the people won’t stand for it.  In recent times, there have been forces at play to make sure that these messages not come out, to prevent the gathering of those who take part in peaceful direct-action and, also, to be constantly watching our private communications to make any opposition to the status quo more destructive than what those in power are doing to us in reality.  Occupy is a vessel for awareness and discussion but there are many other groups who have been around for a long time who have been working for much longer to fight the good fight.  We are even seeing organized labor as a major player in rallying against those in government who continue to make life difficult for working-class people time and time again.

With so much at stake, it is up to all of us who are in the position to help the people stand up to keep pushing in their struggle against the 1% and make their voices heard.  Everyone has a part to play in trying to fix the biggest attack on our civil liberties to date.  It’s unconscionable that those in power were even allowed to carry out their attacks on the working poor, the disabled and minority groups alike for a future that benefits fewer people.  The 1% want us in debt, take lower wages, criminalize political dissent, and attacked for even bringing up any notion of rallying support for just causes.  The environment, accountability in government, and the protection of our privacy are the most crucial issues that we as the people have to fight for despite the fact we’ve lost so much of each already; we need to take our freedoms and our country back.  It shouldn’t be up to corporations and their perceived personhood to dictate the agenda of our government and public officials  in the interest of profit and false notions of austerity to weather ‘crises’.

As those of us who are already active meander through our struggles, we must bring more bodies, more voices and more peaceful direct-action every day, each month until change comes.  We must be loud, creative and persistent to show those in power that we will not lay down as our freedom slip through our fingers.  We must challenge the very institutions that perpetuate the hypocrisy that is taking place in our government and we must stand up for all those whose voices cannot be heard.  Giving up is not an option, it’s what gives the 1% the most power.

– Jared D. Khan (Twitter – @OccupyNerds)


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