Editorial: Kris – What does it mean when Toronto Police arrest 3 people for erecting a tent in a public space.

Toronto Police look ashamed as they carry out their orders. Occupiers in Toronto yell “The whole world is watching” as Police enforce Toronto By-law #608, which includes the rule that none shall camp in city parks. The Charter of Rights does not apply under a government that firstly does not agree with it and secondly under a policing model that does not include correct and reasonable oversight. The Toronto SIU has frighteningly low numbers and as long as the police here have little oversight, the corporate lobbyists will continue to decide policy instead of the public. Hopefully one day this first piece of the puzzle will fit, and all social justice hinges thereupon. The most memorable quote from this piece is “You don’t have to follow a corrupt order.” The bottom line is this: we live in a country where a group of individuals cannot enter a public park away from residential areas for the purpose of building community and screening movies, without being subject to hundreds of police, and some are rather rude.

The tent itself was symbolic. Our city is owned by corporations. The city itself is a corporation. Our notions of “Public Property” are not naturally intuitive. The police are constantly trying to increase their budget by deploying far more force than they need. The Prime Minister views Canada as a “benign dictatorship”, as he prorogues parlaiment, lies about the cost of our military expendatures, and budgets at all levels of government are seeing cuts to the social programs our most vulnerable and voice-less people need the most. What does this spell for our children? Well, I hope they like plastic everything, because the direction we’re taking as a society might be irreparable.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO_zLT8kXEE]

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2 responses to “Editorial: Kris – What does it mean when Toronto Police arrest 3 people for erecting a tent in a public space.”

  1. greg says :

    so what can be done to fight it?

    • MediaWrench says :

      As a short disclaimer the reply is written by Kris and is not representative of MediaWrench.org as a whole.

      I’ve noticed that public opinion plays a heavy role in public policy, which hopefully can be altered through use of this page and the internet – through the process of changing public opinion, perhaps a more objective S.I.U. and a shift in the police service’s apparent attitude towards ‘protesters’ (I would instead call them ‘people’), and I would advocate more respect for the right to protest, including the right to protest by trying to create a small scale community outside a significant building. The news plays a large role in public opinion also, and we should have consistent updates on our city, its workings, and happenings, I don’t feel like this is happening, and that is a problem of our collective attention span (acknowledging this helps to fight this). I might advocate a method of voting with perhaps house visits to boost numbers (or perhaps some other new method of ensuring a high turnout, all to create a sense of public responsibility), as well as earlier schooling on the subject of how the country operates. Better access to Statistics Canada which currently is an unholy mess as well as a return to a better more complete census to be taken. I see these mistakes in policy as some of the lynchpins holding the status quo in place. Ultimately my goal here is to record ‘the Occupy’ and other movements and try to understand the large scale implications (and in the cases of these editorials: to also understand and record my own thoughts) for the children I have yet to father, as well as anyone who might find themselves reading an article of mine; In that order. But I guess the question is what can be done. Well, every leaf does what it can to nourish the tree, and we will each have to figure out how best to help out.

      Pardon the terribly convoluted answer, ‘What can be done” is truly The question and I’m certain it could not be done justice in any simple comment box

      mediawrench.org admin

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