A Must Read, Editor’s Note – Jared: A Message from Peter Bromley, Clearlight Evolution



One of the most inspiring CEO’S I worked with embodies his words: leading from “heart, mind and bottom line.” Others may describe this leadership approach as “leading from the heart.”

I urge all of us – whether in organizations for profit, non-profit, government, or advocacy – at all times, no matter whom we are taking to, remember this (as difficult as this often is to remember!)-everyone wants to be a good person, regardless of their position: they are just stuck in a difficult, challenging or even bad system (one from outside or within).

If you are willing to be open to people, authentic – brave hearted, wise hearted, warm hearted, kind hearted – then another possibility exists. A dialogue might arise, and a willingness to work on solutions with you might flow from that. If force is used, however, (for example, a forced agreement or mean spirited confrontation) whatever deal you want or make will not last.

Life giving and transformative capacities like compassion, forgiveness, dialogue, inclusion, vision and intention are muscles we all posses yet rarely use. Many claim, quite rightly, they have all those, thank you very much. But a blindspot sabotages those capacities when panic, shame, anxiety, pride and other energies overwhelm us, often unconsciously.

What invites others to participate in transformation so our governments, businesses, institutions and civil society cause the fulfillment and well being of all human beings, everywhere? No exceptions? Including the planet?

Wish I had the answer: except that I am 100 percent certain that 100 percent of us can co-create and manifest that reality just as 100 percent of us have co-created the current reality.

But here is the real life riddle (and human journey for all transformers): the most challenging confrontation is the one we must have with ourselves. What patterns lurk within that inhibit our light, and what patterns hide it?

That’s where we must start – and commit to a path of personal development as if our life depends on it. Because our life, the lives of all human beings and the planet’s life all depend on it.

Be the change.


Peter Bromley



Google Doc Link: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7nVWXPfpGE-cW83bi1IWElkdWc

– Jared


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