Happy Birthday, Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Police Brutality in Toronto – March 30th 2012

We know it has been a couple weeks by now, but there are a lot of social justice movements currently mobilizing in Toronto and we got busy. That being said we felt it imperative to create a historical and accurate record of the atrocious event that occurred on March 30th, 2012. We have compiled a few interviews on the subject, and gathered some of the video evidence that will be used in court against officers Roehl Ong and Henderson who are currently suspended with pay pending an SIU investigation. The SIU, or Special Investigations Unit, is currently processing the case, and is requesting any information or witness statements here. The SIU’s website notably also has no investigation relating to the man who was knocked unconscious for over 10 hours according to eye-witness accounts.

Here are some stats on the Toronto Police and by association, the SIU’s performance, if you take the time to understand these numbers, you might start to see a pattern of some bad cops slipping through their net. Only 381 Toronto Police Services cases have been investigated since the inception of the Ontario SIU in 2005. TPS, the Toronto Police Service, has interestingly enough stopped posting their annual statistics as you can see here. There is a trend towards non-information in our government. The census now gathers less information than it did 10 years ago, having switched from a ‘longform‘ census to a much less specific one. The trend spells disaster for anyone who is in a marginalized part of society, and shows a lacking in judgement firstly, but more importantly: it shows the government is not concerned with making Canada a safe and prosperous place for all.

The people who experienced firsthand the effects of having non-conformers in a society that devalues anyone who goes against the grain in a tangible manner did so through their meeting with constables Roehl Ong and Henderson. These two rogue officers took it upon themselves to serve an unsigned eviction notice printed from a regular printer to the Occupy Toronto encampment, you can hear one intimidating one civilian journalist, before punching another in the face repeatedly, and by witness accounts the officer in question battered this middle-ages trans-gendered woman while using his handcuffs as improvised brass knuckles. The most sensitive video evidence is currently under review by the SIU, however Mediawrench.org has compiled interviews and footage from the day of the attacks. We have chosen to release this information on the 30th birthday of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.



About MediaWrench

MediaWrench is a grassroots, civilian journalism group that seeks to give a voice to those mainly ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media. Through written and digital medium, we provide a timeline of the events and phenomena that matter the most to you, while also bringing entertainment. We collectively seek to promote social awareness, sustainable living, and a culture of inclusivity worldwide, and we especially invite you to discuss what you've read - We want to hear it!

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