Editorial – Enter, Media Wrench


Greetings, everyone.  Let me be the first to thank you all for visiting Media Wrench.  It humbles me that we have come to a point in the Occupy movement where we have never been more excited about the evolution of where independent media is going as we get off to a running start in 2012.  Many of us at Media Wrench never had the luxury of having a waning thought about the Occupy movement mainly because we are living it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There isn’t a day that goes by that we not only think of our fellow Wrenchers, but also of fellow Occupiers.  When I meet with my colleagues, I am being reminded on a daily basis about how much of an impact the movement has been on us because we have become such an integral part of Occupy Toronto.  I always thought that, for the most part, there is no real way for us to fully comprehend the extent of the impact that we, as a media group, have had on the Occupy Toronto movement and how it has affected our lives since the first day of the camp on October 15th, 2011.

From the time we started Media Wrench, we realized that a single meeting could not determine the final 12 members.  I must insist to you all that this was probably one of the most difficult decisions that we’ve ever had to task ourselves with.  I can say for myself that there was a great deal of anxiety with choosing the group but in the end, it eventually was made with consensus and I, personally don’t see how else it could have been done at the time.  There are many questions about who we are, what we do and essentially, what happened to the Media Team at Occupy Toronto?  Media Wrench has a simple mantra:  We are your new neighbors and we’re here to help.

The start of Media Wrench comes with a great number of challenges.  When we arrived at a consensus over our trusted network and the basics of putting together an organization, we found that there was a single important question for ourselves:  Are we still a part of Occupy Toronto?  This was another question that was difficult to answer for ourselves.  Some of us decided that we wanted little to no affiliation with Occupy Toronto; or what it has become today.  Whereas others had little choice but to maintain our relationships with those who are still working with Occupy Toronto but wanted to put our efforts into an independent project that would least hinder the group’s intent on covering the Occupy movement happening Globally.

I have also seen an evolution of the Occupy movement.  I don’t consider this Occupy Toronto 2.0, instead I consider the formation of Media Wrench the future of the Worldwide Occupy movement manifested through a natural progression.  People pluralize movements with their own town’s encampment and what is going on in Wallstreet.  To me, those who have put a great deal of blood, sweat and tears into our respective committees (namely, Media), are facilitators of Occupy Toronto and thus, we have elevated ourselves to the level of ambassadorship for the Occupy movement.  As ambassadors, it is our own prerogative to bring out the message of people who want change, who want to see a real political challenge to the system that’s in place in our country, not next month or next year, but NOW.  All of us in Media Wrench have brought ourselves to the frontlines of an information war and, for better or worse, we are in it for the long haul.

Having said that, being responsible for providing the news coming out of the Occupy movement, whether it is in Toronto or others all around the world, exercising transparency is one of our primary mandates.  This is due to the nature of Occupy not having a single message to a diverse audience.  I will further reiterate and say that regardless of what perceptions others have about Media Wrench in any respect, we work in solidarity with the Occupy movement at large.

By: Jared D. Khan


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