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‘Occupy the Cuts’

The Occupy The Budget was an interesting action. Everyone getting together and standing up for the common good was amazing to see.  One moment I was inside city hall and the second I step out side the number of people gathering outside tripled. The night went on as people started to set up tents; which was great to see as people were helping out others.  The idea of another encampment was nice to think about.  We at MediaWrench ran into some individuals who had tents ready and even took days off work to camp out for the protest.  After talking to them for a bit they told us that they were discouraged to set up a tent because they said that when they tried to help others with their tents, they got pushed away.  They also said that everyone and everything seemed to be ‘cliquey’ and that you had to know the right people.

This upsets me because it wasn’t really made clear to others just how to start setting up their tents and I, personally, didn’t like the fact that these people were ready to set up camp and took would-be working hours from their day for this event and in the end, they didn’t feel confortable doing it. Somewhere along the line, something needs to happen to prevent this in future re-occupies because people are bound to run into people they know from original encampment and groups are bound to naturally re-occupy together.  Perhaps it is best to just encourage everyone more often to stay inclusive and, possibly, try to talk and be more open to others. The first day Occupy started, no one new each other but the next time around the re-occupation wont be the same way.

Marcos Horta


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3 responses to “Wrench Blog: Marcos”

  1. Michael Holloway says :


    Weird, this ‘pushing away’ thing you noted. Some sort of new paranoia that has gripped a part of the population. Whether they’re on the left, centre or right doesn’t seem to matter – it’s a disease – a this fear of the other – whoever that is. Possibly the reason for it is the isolation that the technology affords and the concurrent increase of the intensity of the fear based media that surrounds us here on Toronto in the last couple of years. Best examples: Global News, CTV’s City Pulse, Sun Media. (I have decided to no longer watch broadcast news. I get all my news by searching the internet and bookmarking authors and outlets that develop stories and do responsible, investigative journalism – there are also news hubs developing online that aggregate responsible journalism)

    It’s scary. This paranoid behaviour divides us from one another perfectly; and probably exacerbates a mob mentality when people are finally forced, by vested self interest, to join a group – likely an exsteme one – due to their ignorance that is caused by their isolation an lack of experience – like a fascist party, or an ultra leftist group.

    We must spread the love all the more to overcome this ugly thing.

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